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We understand that standard templates and methodologies do not always provide a solution which completely suits your business needs; however our general approach to providing the best service and the most effective solution is to:

Initially meet with our clients

During this phase we carefully listen to the client’s issues so that we have a clear understanding of the client’s expectation. Listening also assists us to;

• Define the terms of reference,
• Contextualize and understand the issues,
• Commence fact finding
• Explore opportunities,
• Examine any constraints and significantly,
• Discover where you see your operation being in the future.

At the completion we will define our understanding of the terms of reference for your confirmation and the estimated costs.

Undertake fact finding

Fact finding may be undertaken by;

• Examining documents
• Talking to Management, staff and customers
• Workplace testing, and
• Seeking other aviation models, work and safety practices.

We understand that one size does not fit all, and that a solution must be appropriate to the operation to ensure that it’s sustainable and delivers the best possible outcomes. To achieve this, thorough fact finding is essential.

Analysis and conclusions

Our consultants carefully examine the facts to look for trends and patterns. Often the issues are simple but have deeper causes. Thorough understanding of the context and the facts are an essential element in the process. Some projects also require an examination of international rules, policies and procedures to discover world’s best aviation practice.

Conclusions are developed from the analysis. We ensure that these conclusions are tested against the operation. This phase generally concludes with a short meeting with the Client. We understand that feedback to the client is essential; particularly if the conclusions involve an immediate safety issue.


R D Collins and Associates pride themselves on their reports. These are readable documents without excess text. They include a description of the methodology, clear presentation of the facts, thoughtful analysis, logical conclusions, options if applicable and a concise recommendation. If appropriate, the delivery of reports is accompanied by a personal briefing to the client.


Book Sales
Regulation Matters
Transport Safety
Executive Management
Government Relations
Executive Coaching