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Proven performance - Aviation safety:

R D Collins & Associates have undertaken a number of projects to improve safety outcomes for industry clients. Two examples are listed in the table below:



Performance indicators


Design and implement a Safety Management System (SMS) for a large provincial aerodrome.

Facilitate hazard and risk workshop with staff.

Write a SMS manual appropriate to the operation.

Conduct SMS training for all stakeholders.

Assist with implementation issues.

Hazard and risk register developed by engaging staff.

SMS manual written and approved by management on time.

Three SMS training courses conducted for all relevant stakeholders.

The SMS is in place and working.

Management and Staff own the SMS through careful engagement.

SMS has resulted in a number of significant safety risks being identified and addressed.

A large aviation company sought a safety review within one of its Australian Branches.

Examine flying operations to ensure that they were safe and complied with the applicable regulatory requirements.

A report to senior management was required.

The report was produced on time and budget and identified a number of shortcomings which were subsequently addressed.


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