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Proven performance – Corporate governance

R D Collins and Associates has the capability to provide advice on all corporate governance in an aviation context. Corporate governance consists of a number of important elements.Unfortunately, many aviation companies only think of monitoring performance when corporate governance is mentioned. Many safety issues are indirectly caused by deficiencies in corporate governance. Regulators have recognized this and have either strengthened corporate governance regulatory requirements or commenced management safety systems auditing. R D Collins and Associates have provided advice which has improved safety and efficiency. Three examples are listed in the table below:



Performance indicators


A general aviation operator had safety and compliance problems.  A review of the problems with possible solutions was required.

Discover the extent of the regulatory and safety issues.

Undertake a holistic review of the operation.

A report was written and indicated significant compliance and safety issues.  Strong recommendations were made.

Training undertaken by some Board members and the CEO in matters of corporate governance.  The intention was to increase awareness to ensure that Company safety and compliance issues were ‘owned’ by the Board.

This resulted in better safety and compliance as the Board took more appropriate safety responsibility.

A significant aviation company requested a review of its internal audit function.

Discover the policies, methodologies underpinning the function.

Review the experience and qualifications of the auditors.

Review the previous audit reports, and test whether changes were made.

Write a report about the review results.

Report written in accordance with the terms of reference and delivered on time.

Changes were made to include a risk based audit selection methodology.

This resulted in more effective audits.

As part of a team (sub-contracted to another consultancy company), a review of the efficacy of the Aviation Safety Regulation (ASR) function was conducted for another country.  The team also provided policy, structural and staffing options for the ASR function to be excised from the air traffic service provider.

Discover the policies, procedures and practices used by the safety regulator.

Gather data (including safety accident and incidents) to measure to safety value added by the regulator.

Suggest mare efficient and effective safety oversight methodologies.

Write a report.

Report written in accordance with the terms of reference and delivered to the other consultancy company.

Eventually the other country made changes to oversight methodologies which improved efficiency and effectiveness.



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Regulation Matters
Transport Safety
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