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An alliance of RD Collins & Associates and Rosetta Consulting Pty Ltd. is pleased to offer Executive Search and Recruitment Services to government agencies and corporate organisations in professional, specialized industries.

We are able to offer strategic perspective, first-hand senior management experience, contextual knowledge and a unique capability to assist employers to find the best candidate for a vacant role, and assist job applicants to find rewarding and fulfilling placements.  

Ms Roslyn Williams, Principal, Rosetta Consulting PL and Mr Rob Collins, Principal RD Collins and Associates have combined their experience to offer professional, effective (and where necessary discreet) search and recruitment services in the following industry contexts:

  • Aviation
  • Law Enforcement
  • Maritime
  • Regulation
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Family and Community Services

Roslyn Williams has seventeen years’ experience as a senior public sector manager and since 2001 has delivered consulting and executive coaching services across different industries and levels of Government in Australia and overseas.  Roslyn is a practiced career, strategic and transformational coach and HR professional who works with wide ranging clients to assist them to prepare for selection processes - from both the employer and the applicant perspectives. 
(For more detailed information, see Ms Williams’ profile.

Rob Collins has significant Australian aviation experience including, executive management experience with the safety regulator, international consulting experience, and is a practicing executive coach.  His experience as an employer, employee, consultant and coach ensures that clients receive strategic but pragmatic advice about career planning and goal achievement. 
(For more information, see Mr. Collins profile)

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We understand that systems and services to help you find the right person for the right role at the time that you need them are vital for your organisation’s success and ongoing sustainability.  Recruitment is time consuming and often complex, and sometimes the best people are those who are not actively looking for a new role or employer. 

Optimal recruitment and selection processes can be a source of competitive advantage in a dynamic business environment. 

We can assist employers by offering a complete executive search and recruitment service including:

  • Development of selection documentation – role profiles and selection criteria
  • Advertisement design/placement in media publications with a proven track record
  • Sourcing applicants from our own data base and contacts in the industry
  • Short listing applicants for interview
  • Support for interview panels, such as action testing and selection report writing
  • Executive coaching for successful applicants to ensure he or she becomes fully effective as soon as possible
  • Executive coaching for applicants in whom you may wish to invest for the future

If you are an employer who needs to recruit for an Executive or Management vacancy, please contact:

Mr Rob Collins Ms Roslyn Williams
Mobile:  +61 448 169412 Mobile: +61 418 485020
Or email: recruit@rdcollins.com.au  mrosetta@bigpond.net.au



Modern day job seekers understand the importance of getting professional assistance to reach their career goals.  In the 21st century, competition for desirable roles can be fierce, and smart applicants seek advice from their managers, mentors, executive coaches and recruitment agencies to maximize their options.

We offer a specialized service to position you optimally to reach your career goals, i.e.:

  • Career path planning – mapping career goals and options to assist you on your career journey
  • Identifying the criteria you look for in a job – things that attract and motivate you;
  • Canvassing role opportunities which are consistent with your medium to long term career goals;
  • Applicant support services, including
    • Feedback on job applications
    • Pre-interview coaching – strategic analysis; mapping possible questions and responses; building self-confidence; defining your value proposition; developing rapport with the panel
    • Debriefing post the interview
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